Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Journal Creative Ideas

If you are keeping a journal and are having trouble finding ways to fill up those blank pages, try a few of these topic ideas for your journal.
'Journaling' is a way to keep a record of memories and events, vent your frustrations, or improve writing skills. Some people journal about trips and others keep a diary of their garden's progress. Today, many people have moved their journals online, to a format known as a blog. No matter how or why you journal, sometimes it seems that you just can't think of a way to fill that blank page. Many times, the problem is simply that you are recording events as they happen and it is hard to be inspired by the fact that you got up, went to work, came home, ate dinner and watched a television show before you went to bed. Try a few of these journal writing ideas for inspiration:
· Write about a childhood memory that has to do with food.
· Tell a story about something silly or cute your pet has done.
· Describe a dream you've had more than once. It can be a nonsense dream or a terrifying one.
· Talk about something you're terrified of and why you developed your phobia.
· Look at something around you and describe it thoroughly. Don't just talk about the way it looks. How does it smell, taste and feel?
· What smell makes you remember something special from your childhood?
· What is your favorite color and what things do you own in that color? Have you painted any walls in your home that color?
· If nothing was holding you back, where would you live and why?
· Think about the person you like the least and write about at least one good quality that person has.
· Write about the good or bad relationship you have with your mother and how it developed.
· What is your ideal job and why? Are you doing anything to pursue your dream? If not, why not?
· Look at yourself in the mirror and describe what you see. Does this outer reflection accurately portray the “real you” or are you completely different inside?
· Make a list of interesting things you have done or seen during your lifetime.
· Make a list of things you want to do or see in the future.
· Describe your most embarrassing moment or your proudest moment.
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