Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Journal Creative Ideas

If you are keeping a journal and are having trouble finding ways to fill up those blank pages, try a few of these topic ideas for your journal.
'Journaling' is a way to keep a record of memories and events, vent your frustrations, or improve writing skills. Some people journal about trips and others keep a diary of their garden's progress. Today, many people have moved their journals online, to a format known as a blog. No matter how or why you journal, sometimes it seems that you just can't think of a way to fill that blank page. Many times, the problem is simply that you are recording events as they happen and it is hard to be inspired by the fact that you got up, went to work, came home, ate dinner and watched a television show before you went to bed. Try a few of these journal writing ideas for inspiration:
· Write about a childhood memory that has to do with food.
· Tell a story about something silly or cute your pet has done.
· Describe a dream you've had more than once. It can be a nonsense dream or a terrifying one.
· Talk about something you're terrified of and why you developed your phobia.
· Look at something around you and describe it thoroughly. Don't just talk about the way it looks. How does it smell, taste and feel?
· What smell makes you remember something special from your childhood?
· What is your favorite color and what things do you own in that color? Have you painted any walls in your home that color?
· If nothing was holding you back, where would you live and why?
· Think about the person you like the least and write about at least one good quality that person has.
· Write about the good or bad relationship you have with your mother and how it developed.
· What is your ideal job and why? Are you doing anything to pursue your dream? If not, why not?
· Look at yourself in the mirror and describe what you see. Does this outer reflection accurately portray the “real you” or are you completely different inside?
· Make a list of interesting things you have done or seen during your lifetime.
· Make a list of things you want to do or see in the future.
· Describe your most embarrassing moment or your proudest moment.
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tips On How To Write a Journal

What is a diary as a rule? A document useful to the person who keeps it. Dull to the contemporary who reads it and invaluable to the student, centuries afterwards, who treasures it.” — Walter Scott
Make a commitment to write journal regularly.
Set up a schedule that suits you and follow it. Don’t skip writing sessions if you don’t know what to write about — just start with a rough paragraph and keep developing it 

Just write.
Writing is hard, but it becomes easier as you write more.
“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” — Plato.
Open your journal, type in a few words — just your thoughts — and you’ll get into the flow. You don’t have to keep your first paragraph — it’s just for a warm up.

Add photos to your journal.
A picture is worth a thousand words.
We are lucky to live in the age of digital photography — you can take millions of photos at no cost. Not everything can be described with words, keep some of your pictures in your journal.

Try different styles.
In your journal entries talk to yourself, your journal, or some imaginary or real person. Write as you would write a letter, or a newspaper column. Try different styles to find your true voice.

Review your journal.
Review your journal regularly (for example, once a week) to get inspiration. Keep notes about your feelings (you can even write them down in a new journal entry).

Songs and Themes

Songs which can be used as stimuli for various themes

Theme                              Song

Freedom                          Winds of Change: Scorpion
    Born Free: Matt Monroe
    My Way: Frank Sinatra
    El Condo Pasa: Simon & Garfunkel

Poverty                            Streets of London
    Another Day in Paradise: Phil Collins
    In the Ghetto: Elvis Presley

Love                                I just called to say I love you: Stevie Wonder
    To be a Better man:  Marc Anthony
    You Decorated My Life: Kenny Rogers
    Lady in Red: Chris de Burgh
    Top of the World: Carpenters
    If Tomorrow Never Comes: Ronan Keating
    You’re Beautiful: James Blunt

Education                        To Sir with Love: Cilla Black
    What a Wonderful World: Art Garfunkel
    I’d Like to teach the World to Sing: Ray Stevens

Family                              He ain’t Heavy, He’s my Brother: Hollies
    First of May: Bee Gees
    Sleeping Child: Michael Learns to Rock
    Seasons in the Sun: Westlife
    Butterfly Kisses:
    The Living Years: Mike and the Mechanics
    She Believes in Me: Kenny Rogers
    Superwoman: Karen White
    Tears in Heaven: Eric Clapton
    When I’m 64: Beatles
    Father and Son: Cat Stevens
    Take me home, Country Roads: John Denver

Modern Civilisation/         Down by the River: Albert Hammond
Environment                    Earth Song: Michael Jackson
                                        Heal the World: Michael Jackson
                                        Colours of the Wind: Vanessa Williams
                                        Where do the Children Play: Cat Stevens
                                        Sounds of Silence: Simon & Garfunkel
                                        From a Distance: Bette Midler
                                        Imagine: John Lennon
                                        Wonderful World :Louis Armstrong
                                        I still haven’t found what I’m looking for: U2

Friendship                       People: Barbra Streisand
                                        You Raise Me Up: Josh Groban
                                        Hero: Julio Iglesias
                                        Wind beneath My Wings: Bette Midler
                                        That’s what Friends are For: Dionne Warwick
                                        Friend for Life (Barcelona Olympics)
                                        Bridge over troubled Water: Simon & Garfunkel

Holiday                            Summer Holiday: Cliff Richard
                                        Holiday: Bee Gees
                                        Kokomo: Beach Boys

Special People                Candle in the wind: Elton John
                                        Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina
                                        Vincent: Don Maclean

Hopes and dreams         I Have a Dream: Abba
                                       Eternal Flame: Bangles
                                       Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Judy Garland
                                       The Impossible Dream
                                       The Climb: Miley Cyrus